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          How to reduce the dust emission concentration of bag filter?

          The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:450  Date of Issue:2021-11-19

          To protect the environment and reduce air pollution, cloth bag dust collector is indispensable. In most dry dust removal process used more, more common is the bag dust collector, dust collector manufacturers yaxian environmental production of bag dust collector with low dust emission concentration, ultra-clean emissions and favored by customers in all industries.

          Of course, if the working environment of the bag dust collector is exposed to high dust concentration, the dust amount is very large, and the dust gas will be sucked into the net gas chamber or directly discharged into the atmosphere from the gap because of the loose sealing of the cover plate. So if you want to reduce the dust emission concentration of bag dust collector, in addition to paying attention to the sealing of bag dust collector, what matters needing attention?

          There is another reason why the discharge concentration of the bag dust collector can not fall when the negative pressure section of the air outlet pipe or the leakage of the bypass pipe will also cause the discharge concentration to fall. The core component of bag filter is dust filter bag, dust filter bag material directly affects the emission concentration. With the continuous use of these new materials, especially the dust filter bag coated with film processing, the size of dust particles can be only a few microns, which can greatly improve the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter.

          There is also a reasonable control of bag filter filter wind speed, but also can effectively improve the bag filter dust removal efficiency, reduce the dust emission concentration. It has also been proved by practice that the dust emission requirement of 15 mg can be met when the wind speed is less than 1 m.

          The wind speed of bag filter is inversely proportional to the temperature and dust concentration of the flue gas and is directly proportional to the logarithm of the particle size of the flue gas. Therefore, it is very important to select reasonable filter wind speed in the design of bag filter. It can effectively improve the ability of equipment to deal with dust gas, reduce dust concentration emissions, and reduce equipment investment to reduce engineering costs, as well as operating costs.

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