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          Technical Consultation139-6208-6422

          Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD

          Address:18 Wenjing Road, Beijiang Industrial Park, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province

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          Does environmental protection equipment dust collector need to do external insulation?

          Does environmental protection equipment dust collector need to do insulation? Surely many users have this question, today feng Earth environmental protection xiaofeng answer for you! And why do you make insulation? Actually in the insulation system of dust collector, pipeline and dust removal equipment installation of insulation is a good dust removal equipment, in order to cover the purpose on the one hand is to prevent gas condensation, condensation in a system, the corruption of the material and powder agglomeration effect of powder transport, on the other hand is heat insulation and sound insulation effect, can reduce the effects of dust removal equipment of the outside world and nuisance.

          How should PPC air box pulse dust collector keep heat

          PPC air box type pulse dust collector in the use of the process, maintenance and maintenance is a link. Especially its box part, should pay attention to daily maintenance. For the box body of air box type dust collector, the inside and outside parts should be maintained step by step.If you want to maintain the box of bag filter, you need to do external maintenance first. External maintenance is mainly to check paint, rain leakage, bolts and surrounding sealing. For high temperature, high humidity gas, in order to prevent condensation, generally in the external with rock wool, glass wool, polystyrene insulation layer. Secondly, it is necessary to carry out internal maintenance. The maintenance of the interior of the box is mainly to pay attention to the selection of paint, timely coated in corrosion or corrosion of the parts. In general, because the purification gas is mostly acidic, so choose epoxy resin acid resistant coating more.

          How to maintain pulse bag filter

          Every time before applying in the filter to check your work, check the machine whether the major components of normal use, is there a problem, if any, should be timely replacement and put the use ability, which includes reviews have dust bag tightly, the belt is loose, the power supply voltage is normal, after in the shell temperature is normal and is there any wear filter bag, etc., In short, the parts of the dust collector should be carefully checked before use, so that the equipment will not show problems in the process of operation, but also prolong its service life.

          Common problems and solutions of dust removal equipment

          Causes and troubleshooting of dust removal equipment:(1) Pulse valve does not work;The reasons may be: (1) power failure or dust cleaning controller failure; (2) There are debris in the pulse valve, has been leaking; (3) pulse valve coil burned out; The compressed air pressure is too low.Methods of elimination: (1) restore the power supply or repair the cleaning controller; ② Carefully clean the pulse valve; Replace the pulse valve coil; ④ Check the air system and compressor.

          Treatment of smoke from pulse bag filter

          Pulse bag filter In the process of running there is always a lot of problem, at the time of filter operation failure for the sake of our operator won't appear at a loss when fault occurs, we for the fault of the pulse bag dust catcher total "ash", when the problems we need to do?When our operators see the pulse bag dust removal equipment dust, the first thing we have to do _ is to stop the operation of the dust collector, the dust collector closed.

          How often does the pulse bag filter clean the dust?

          Pulse bag dust collector as the usual application of cloth bag type dust collector machine equipment, it is in a special period of time in the direction of dust bag or outside the gas producer compact gas, in order to eliminate dust bag dust collector equipment. Pulse bag filter applied at ordinary times there are a variety of ways, in terms of its single pulse gas generator bearing and blocking the azimuth in cyclone is different, can be divided into inverse spray type, suitable spray type and spray type three kinds, gas generator structure of the pulse electromagnetic valve end to tighten gas gas bag, and the other end is injection boiler blowpipe, pulse electromagnetic valve is be chamber pressure control valve, Monopulse manipulator controls the valve and pulse solenoid valve is opened, but although the method of gasifier is not the same, but the basic principle and ash removal system software of the monopulse gasifier is about the same, most of which is composed of monopulse control surface, gasifier mechanism, gas bag and atomizing nozzle. The cycle time of overthinking ash removal of bag pulse dust collector is composed of three parts:
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